Yenilenebilir Enerji
Çimento Fabrikaları
 Aşkale Çimento Fabrikası
 Aşkale Çimento Fabrikası 
Energy is produced from the waste hot gas at kiln cooling, the process of cement production.  It is the first plant on that subject.
The Project Cost         13.475.000 $
Installation Power  7,5 megawatts per hour
Annual Average Production  60.000 megawatts
Aşkale Fabrika Average Energy Consumption 170.000 megawatts
Annual Average Electric usage of district of Aşkale (villages included) 10.000 megawatts
The Annual Saving     3.2 million $
Duration of the Project:       Completed in 15 months (Between June 2010 and September 2011)
Annual Savings $ 3.2 million
 Duration 15 MONTHS COMPLETED (June 2010-September 2011)
 • Average Annual 29.000 tons Carbon emission is prevented.
 • It corresponds to annual amount  of 1.4 million trees' oxygen production•
• The factory meets 1/3 of its energy needs.
• It produces six times energy which equals the annual amount of the district of Aşkale and its villages’ consumption. It corresponds approximately a 180.000 people settlement
..translated by yipek